The Tri-Anglia Triathlon club is pleased to present the Diss Duathlon.

A Duathlon comprising 5.1 km run, 30k 3 lap cycle and a second 5.1km run. First edition held in 2006.


registrations are not available

The event is closed.


The Tri-Anglia Triathlon club is pleased to present the Diss Duathlon, which comprises a 5k run, 30k bike and a second 5k run. The run course follows a route through part of the town centre and as such will be liable to a small amount of Sunday morning traffic and pedestrians. The Bike course is rural, reasonably flat(ish), and has little traffic. The junctions will be marshalled but it remains your responsibilty to follow the designated course and to abide by the highway code.

Please take a moment to read through the following information which, we hope will make your race day run smoothly.


Registration will be open from 07.00 until 08.30 and is in the High School Conference centre near the entry gate.

Here you will need to check in, collect your Race Numbers, Timing Chip, bike and helmet stickers, present your BTF Race Licence if applicable.

In the Main Hall there will be race information, course maps, wave start lists, wave start times, refreshments and event officials on hand to answer any last minute questions.

 Race Numbers

There are two race numbers, one is to be worn on the front of your top during the run leg and one on the back of your top during the Bike leg, these are to be pinned on your top in such a way that they are clearly visible to our marshals and race officials, safety pins will be available at the registration desk.  Race belts are allowed, but we ask that numbers remain clearly visible - we'd suggest that you pin both numbers back to back to your belt attached at the top of the number.


Please rack your bike in an orderly way by hanging the front of the saddle over the rack and be considerate to your fellow competitors by not using too much space to the side.  There is no numbering system for the bike racking. The route through transition will be in such a manner that everyone has an equal distance to cover on entering and exiting the Transition area.

 Race Briefing

You are required to attend the race and safety briefing which will be held in the registration hall at 09.00 prompt.


You are responsible for ensuring that your Cycle is in a roadworthy condition, and bar end plugs must be fitted. Your Cycle Helmet must be of the approved type and should not be damaged. It must be put on and the buckles fixed so that the straps fit snuggly under the chin before you remove your cycle from the racking prior to starting the Cycle section of the event and must be worn for its entire duration, it must only be removed after you have racked your bike prior to the start of the final run, failure to observe this rule may result in a time penalty.


Please remember that you are competing on Public Roads that are open to normal traffic and you are expected to adhere to the Highway Code at all times.  Our Marshalls are not allowed to control traffic or offer advice as to when it is safe to proceed at junctions. Certain junctions for safety reasons will be designated “Foot Down” points, these junctions will be made clear during race briefing. Failure to observe these “Foot Down” junctions may lead to a time penalty or disqualification. The Bike course is 3 laps of approx 10km with a short section at the beginning of the first lap and the end of the third lap; you are responsible for counting your own laps.

Distances are 5km run, 30km bike, 5km run

Race centre is Diss High School, Walcot Road, Diss, IP22 4DH

The number to call on the day if you are delayed will be advised nearer the time.

First wave 9.30 am

Free Parking, Changing and Showers

Prizes 1st, 2nd & 3rd Male & Female plus 1st Male & Female in each age group – Age groups with one competitor will be merged with the next age group.  Only one prize per competitor - age group prizes will not be awarded to those that finish in the top 3 overall.